Liberating Painting and Meditation

Liberating Painting and Meditation

painting from the them-group

Art Therapy

I have followed intensive training in art therapy at Vibeke Skov, Jutland. It is a two and a half year course which is concluded with a treatise. My choice of subject shed light on the subject of spontaneity and what gets in the way of our being spontaneous in our creativity and life.

I have 10 years of therapeutic experience and supervision from Bodynamics, a form of psychotherapy, which focuses on bringing the body in contact with inner resources and difficulties. This expertise is enhanced by additional experience and supervision in Holding Therapy, which focuses on the child's emotional development.

I have used my practise with the school psychologist in Braedstrup. Difficult experiences such as violence, shock and incest are presented and it is shown how the experiences can be worked through by creativity and play.

Art therapy implies working consciously with our creativity, especially where there can be difficulties in expressing a feeling in words. A painting, song, sculpture, fairy tale, poem or body gesture can be a great help in expressing that which is difficult or too confronting to express in words.

Art therapy can be used to deal with problems and crises, such as loss, stress and depression. Art therapy is also a valuable resource and tool for personal growth and a support in developing creativity. The picture provides insight into and integration of otherwise unrecognised and unaccepted sides of your life and the ways in which you act out your life.

A session lasts about 1 ¼ hour.

Price: 550 kr, including painting materials.

"I want to be creative - what should I do? Become a child again - and you will be creative. All children are creative. Creativity needs freedom - freedom from the mind, freedom from knowledge, freedom from prejudices.

A creative person is one who can try the new. A creative person is not a robopate. Robopates are never creative, they are repetitive.

So become a child again and you will be surprised, that all children are creative. All children wherever they are borned, they are creative"


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