Liberating Painting and Meditation

Liberating Painting and Meditation

childs painting

Painting Groups for Children

During my 10 years of working with painting schools for kids, I have felt enriched through experiencing how children have an unspoiled connection to the source of their creative expression.

These painting groups allow the child to explore and experiment with many different and exciting materials and methods.

Often I use a theme in the course, such as:

  • Fairy tales - where we explore the world of fairy tales through fantasy, paint and sculpture.
  • Installation art - we work with "things" we find in nature and in the surroundings to create art.
  • Other cultures - such as Africa, Greenland, Native Americans.
  • Sculptures and masks.
  • Cobra art - inspired by artists who have used the child's own language for art.
  • Myself and my body - experimental ways to work with children's self-portrait and drawings of the body.
  • Fantasy - fantasy journeys, exploring the childs innermost wishes and fantasies.

Groups for Parents and Children

These courses are for parents who want to share the creative experience together with their child.

See "Painting Groups for Children" for further information.

"Children are our finest teachers. They already know how to grow, how to develop, how to learn, how to expand and discover, how to feel, laugh and cry and get mad, what is right for them and what is not right for them., what they need. They already know how to love and be joyful and to live life to it's fullest, to work and to be strong and full of energy. All they (and the children within us) need is the space to do it."

Violet Oaklander

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